Month: June 2017

End of the Year

No more homework shall be assigned for the week! I wish to thank all the parents for their continued support and for a great school year! Have a wonderful and relaxing summer! Advertisements

June 9th HW

Math: Math Box 8-9 due Wed. S.S: Unit packet due Wed. Science: Sign Chemistry test due Tues. Solar System quiz on Tues. Health: None Spanish: Project due next Thurs. Other: Field Day on Mon. (Wear White!0

June 7th HW

Math: Extra Credit: Unit 8 Challenge due tomorrow (+5 on test!) Test Thurs. Lemonade Reflection due Fri. S.S:  Packet #3+4 Battle Summary Organizer + Paragraph due Fri. Science: None Health: None Spanish: None Other: Field Day rescheduled for June 12th

June 5th HW

Math: Homelinks packet due Tues. Study Guide due Wed. Test next Thurs. S.S:  Diary Entry #4 due Tues. Notebook #3+4 due Wed. Battle Tactics on Google Classroom due Wed. Science: Universe + Solar System Guidebook pages due Wed. Health: None Spanish: Shopping List Other: Field Day rescheduled for June 12th