Everyday Math

Introduction: Many of you are familiar with the hands-on, interactive, and strategic approach Everyday Math incorporates into daily math instruction. However, with every grade level comes new processes, operations, concepts, and skills. Some may seem familiar, especially since the foundation for certain skills were taught in previous grade levels. For example, Fifth Grade builds upon factoring, place value, division, fractions, and negative numbers. But, fluency is challenged since these areas are expanded with additional content and skills.

Home Connection: Everyday Mathematics is not a successful program unless students are being supported in and out of the classroom. Family involvement is key to academic growth. Therefore, by use of letters, study links (lesson extensions, review problems, and explained skills), and this classroom website, I hope to support the students and the parents. I understand some of the skills are unfamiliar and hope to relieve some anxiety by ensuring the home connection is made with the Everyday program.

Here are some online links and resources for additional help or research:

Everyday Math for Parents

Frequently Asked Questions

Free Problems and Resources


Glossary and Definitions of Everyday Math Terms


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