Unit 3: The American Revolution

Unit 4 explores the struggles of the American colonists to gain independence from Britain. In the course of studying this unit, students will learn how the British government sought to gain greater control over the colonies, how the colonists responded to British controls, and how the resulting tensions between Britain and the 13 colonies exploded into revolution and war.

Chapter 10: History Alive Links

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For most of this unit, we will be using many supplemental activities and projects. The textbook will be used as an aid for reading comprehension. Below are the projects for this unit:

  • French and Indian War Playhouse- Students will perform a play using props that focuses upon the causes and effects of the French and Indian War.
  • Causes of the Revolution Project
  • Colonial Diary- Students will create their own character in the Revolutionary Period and put him/her through many of the events: The Stamp Act, Boston Tea Party, The Boston Massacre, Battle of Lexington and Concord, Signing of the Declaration of Independence, Valley Forge, and Yorktown. These will be diary entries completed each week as homework assignments focusing upon one of the above topics.
  • Boston Massacre Mystery– Students will complete an online webquest on the Boston Massacre and decide what exactly happened.
  • Continental Congress Debate- Should the 13 Colonies unite and go to war against the most powerful empire in the entire world? Students will enact a realistic debate embodying congressmen from each colony. Part of this project will be research based, so students can understand their character.
  • American Revolution Unit Project- Choose an event from the Revolution and create a project about it. This can be a diorama, poem, story, song, or collage. Each project must contain a three paragraph analysis summarizing the event and it’s importance to the revolution.

Causes of the Revolution Test Flashcards + Review

Lesson slides from class 

Forgot your textbook?! Don’t worry! Use the link below to refresh your memory.

Online Textbook: Causes of the Revolution

Online Textbook: American Revolution

Causes of the Revolution

Practice Quizzes:

Lesson Summaries

The American Revolution

Practice Quizzes:

Lesson Summaries:


Helpful Links and Activities:

More information will be posted about the projects throughout the unit. Also, rubrics will be sent home to notify the scoring and content of each project.


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    My first year of teaching social studies and your website has been so helpful

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